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Commitment and team spirit

Being loyal to our employees is important issue for us. We do our utmost to offer them a secure job where they feel personally valued and recognised. We want them to carry out meaningful work that matches their abilities and gives them job satisfaction.

You can therefore expect a respectful and supportive working environment. Everyone belongs and is committed to the company and its team.

Motivation and competence

In order for all employees to be committed to and participate in the success of the company, they must understand our corporate goals and work towards their implementation. Team spirit and personal responsibility are closely linked: Participating, thinking and actively shaping the future is our motto.

This requires well-trained, dynamic and motivated teams. Therefore we award bonuses and invest in employee development, continuous training and further education. Training, coaching and appraisal interviews take place regularly.

value retention

We think ambitiously. We communicate with commitment. We act prudently.

You can find out more about our values and our strategic orientation here.

Occupational safety and Health

Using technical, organisational and personal resources we ensure the greatest possible protection at the workplace. We are constantly striving to improve occupational safety and preventative occupational medicine.