Our strength is the flexible organisation of assignments

Our advantage is the intelligent use and flexible application of modern technologies. As the products to be manufactured and the associated production processes often change, we have a wide range of experience and are proficient in the most diverse manufacturing methods and technologies down to the smallest detail.

Based on our know-how we are constantly assisting you in your search for individual solutions in the field of electronics development and production. Whatever you require - we make it possible

Top of the range EMS services

We offer you services in the entire field of electronic manufacturing services ranging from the product idea to the assembly of individual components to the complete device assembly. This includes SMD, wired assembly, assembly of flexible printed circuit boards, as well as the varnishing and potting of boards, and the professional and environmentally friendly cleaning of the assemblies.

We manufacture series of flat modules, components, devices or systems and even small lot sizes are no obstacle for us. We are happy to produce samples for you in the form of mock-ups, functional samples or prototypes. In addition, we can supply you with custom-made tools and devices.

SMD mounting

We use state-of-the-art technology for SMD (surface mounted devices) assembly, including BGA (ball grid array). Highly qualified BESTec employees carry out SMD assembly of electronic flat modules using modern, high-performance automatic equipment. The range of components for the SMD assembly of printed circuit boards includes fine pitch up to 0.30 mm as well as BGA and designs up to size 01005.

The production of electronic assemblies ranges from prototypes to serial production. We manufacture flexibly and at short notice, yet to a high professional standard according to IPC-A-610. To ensure our quality, all assemblies are subjected to an optical inspection using 3D-AOI. .

Wired THT assembly

In addition to SMD assembly, we also provide wired THT (Through Hole Technology) board assembly.
The conventional THT assembly of printed circuit boards, including hand soldering, is carried out by qualified employees in semi-autonomous teams. Modern wave soldering machines of the ERSA brand are available for automatic soldering.

As in the case of SMD assembly, we ensure quality in accordance with IPC-A-610 and manufacture the electronic assemblies in compliance with RoHS as a rule. On request, the production of leaded assemblies is also possible.

Series Production
electronic cards
devices, systems
models (mock-ups)
function pattern
process validation
production engineering
layout optimizations
urgent service



SMD assembly
Size up to 01005
Pitch up to 0,30 mm
THT assembly
Manual soldering
Wave soldering
Selective soldering