The quality of the printed circuit boards we assemble is continuously monitored by trained specialists using the latest technology. We carry out repairs and tests tailored to your individual needs. We offer you reliable and efficient customer services on site and a competent after-sales service.

  • Specialized employees carry out visual inspections and final inspections as well as assembly checks using automatic optical inspection, 3D-AOI.
  • During the Flying-Probe-Test, its electronic inspection also detects defective components and defects that cannot be detected optically.
  • In addition to an individual functional test, the Flying Probe can also be used to program and check pics-in-circuit.
  • We develop and build our own test equipment according to your specifications and carry out functional tests on individual test stands.
  • We offer additional tests such as Burn In Test, climate, vibration or environmental tests.
Tests and inspactions
Automatic optical inspection, 3D- AO
Flying Probe Test
In Circuit Test
Functional Test
Customized Tests and examinations
Burn In Test
Environmental Test